New Happenings @ PTVM:

Join us for Lenten Services!  Great Lent to begin on February 19th!

 We will be providing a supply priest until our new rector will be assigned, most likely, early summer. Please keep our transition in prayer during this Lenten season.

Need a little help with your fasting and prayer this Lenten Season?  Check out My Beautiful Lent created by our very own Cynthia Damaskos! 

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If you’re like us, the major fasts prescribed by the Church can bring on a mixed bag of feelings. We’ve looked forward to them with longing, knowing that the discipline, if taken seriously and fully, can be an incredible time of growth and blessings. We’ve also approached them with dread. One more layer of stress, one more thing to think about and add to my life of guilt over not doing everything I want to be doing, or know that I should doing.

This program changes that!

Whether you are an Orthodox Christian, or someone who has a sincere intent to make the most out of this Lent by following the prescription of the Ancient Church, this community is for you! Join Christians from around the world who want to make this Lent a time of focus and intention. We will be following the old calendar which has Great Lent beginning on February 19th, and Easter, or “Pascha” as it is known in the Orthodox Church, taking place on April 8th. And we’ll talk about why there are different dates and calendars!

Check our calendar for services—> Google Calendar

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