New Happenings @ PTVM:

Annunciation Great Vespers

On Sunday, March 24, PTVM hosted the first Chicago Deanery Mission Vespers. The evening coincided with the eve of Annunciation, so we celebrated a Festal Vespers with Litya. His Grace Bishop Paul presided, and 16 area priests and 4 deacons concelebrated a very beautiful service. Afterwards, we hosted everyone present to a delicious Latin-themed Lenten dinner. Thank you to all who helped make it a memorable experience!

Presanctified Liturgy

The quintessential service of Great Lent is the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts, celebrated at PTVM every Wednesday evening at 6pm and every Friday morning at 10am of the fast. It is a haunting and beautiful service that calls us to repentance and strengthens us during this special time of preparation with the body and blood of the Lord. Come and see!

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