Our Bookstore has a wide variety of literature and gifts.  Please feel free to browse after Church on Sunday.

Teen book recommendation from Shaun Mirr: The Nightmare Tree by Richard Rene

“In this tale set in the  gorgeous Seychelles Islands, Jonah refuses to believe his father has drowned at sea and sets out in a sailboat to search for him.  His search carries him out of his everyday life to wondrous places with magical beings – like the angeli, who help him in his quest, and the djinn, who enslave people and feast on their dreams.

Jonah learns about the land of Mysterion, a place of peace that people have forgotten because of their dreams of greed and war. He comes to understand that he must play a part in restoring Mysterion to itself.

And he has to find a way to free his father.”

We have a variety of books on many topics including church history, theology, catechism, Orthodox spirituality, inspiration, prayer, the lives of the Saints, and stories about others who have journeyed to the Orthodox Faith. You will find icons, crosses, pins, bookmarks, suncatchers, window decals, calendars, cards, special gifts, etc., and we also offer highest quality jewelry at wholesale prices.

Our bookstore operates on the honor system. Please place your payment in an envelope and then in the box situated by the glass display case.

If you are interested in a particular topic or item, write a note and place it in the box.