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The Choir sings for all the normal liturgical services and occasionally participates in educational workshops and seminars. Through the growth of the seminaries, the availability of Orthodox Liturgical music via the Internet, and the increasing number of American Orthodox composers who are developing music for the OCA, the choir is also able to sing, in English, Hymns from the traditions of Russia, Ukraine, Carpatho-Russe, Serbia, Greece, Romania, etc.

Choir Rehearsals are held on most Thursday evenings of the month at 6 PM. All are welcome.

O Club/Outreach

Members of the O Club support the church locally and nationally through a variety of activities. This year, our Outreach efforts included contributions to FOS, FOCA United Fund, OCA Charity Appeal, and the OCA Christmas Stocking Fund as well as financial support for several local charities and for youth from our parish attending Orthodox Camp. In addition to hosting coffee hour after Liturgy each Sunday, other projects throughout the year include a Soup & Salad Luncheon, Father’s Day & Harvest Bake Sales, a Ham/Turkey Raffle, Crock Pot Bonanza and the Spaghetti/Lasagna Dinner. The majority of the proceeds from the events we sponsor and/or host are earmarked to go to our Church, usually the Building Fund, and/or the various donations we make on both a yearly and “as the need arises” basis. We also decorate the church for Christmas.

Meetings are held after Coffee Hour on the 3rd Sunday of the month.

PTC (Parent Teacher Council)

Our PTC (Parent Teacher Council) continues to grow and expand its efforts to help the youth of our parish grow in Christ. Some of our events include service projects and social outings, Harvest Hootenanny in October, St. Nicholas Day Meal and Activities, Christmas Program and Potluck on the Sunday after Christmas, Lazarus Saturday Communion Breakfast, Bright Monday/Pascha Celebration, End-of-Year/Graduation Party, and Vacation Church School in August

Women’s Sodality

One of the oldest organizations in the church, Sodality members participate in a variety of activities to benefit the church. They care for the vestments for the Priest and altar boys and help with visiting and contacting the sick and shut-ins.

Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at 10am. Shut-ins are visited on the third Tuesday of the month.  For More information please call (219) 613-6865